Everybody has heard the stories, such and such entrepreneur dropped $2 into Facebook ads and received $1,000,000 in return. An overnight success!

Those stories aren't true, but this case study is hands down our best flex as an agency. Even as I write this paragraph in Spring 2022 we are still working with this company and growing their revenue.

They have invested time, resources and money into Facebook and the results continue to pour in every single day. What sort of results? You're going to have to read more to find out!


When aftermarket automotive accessory company AudioCityUSA came to us, they doubted that Facebook ads could do much for their business. They didn’t see it as a viable solution for marketing and increasing sales. They had been running Google Ads for years but weren’t getting the results they’d hoped for.

Like a lot of non-believers who haven’t experienced amazing results yet, they didn’t think Facebook ads could drive enough new sales to justify the expense. This is a common belief when it comes to the high-ticket eCommerce world.

Their problem wasn’t lack of an audience - they actually had enviable numbers. With over 35,000 followers on Facebook and 11,000 on Instagram, they were already well-established. Their audience

clearly loved to follow and browse their brand on social channels.

The problem: they had no idea how to leverage their audience. Doubting the power of Facebook ads was understandable.

The first month after we stepped in, their conversion rate jumped to 0.89% - a 17.8% increase!

Suddenly, they were singing a different tune. We had proven that Facebook ads done right could be a

huge differentiating factor for their overall sales and marketing results.


When AudioCityUSA first started working with us, they had never run Facebook ads, so we knew our first goal would be to get them comfortable with the concept.

They previously tried boosting some of their social posts here and there with little to show for it. We know that the real results lie in running targeted ad campaigns on a regular basis because it does two things:

Our Facebook advertising approach started with a steady dose of ads, providing interesting creative, and tapping into lookalike audiences in Ad Manager. Then we set up an ad funnel to reach new audiences and retarget cold audiences. From there, we created email sequences to re-engage past buyers, even if it had been a few years since their last purchase. We also implemented ManyChat sequences to help grow their email list and for customer support.

We knew this was a winning combination from past experience, so we weren’t surprised when the results far exceeded their expectations. Their founder told us, “If you can generate 4x a return on our ad spend, then we will be happy.”

Six months later, we’re at a 25x return on spend!



Our three-pronged approach was a huge success! By driving traffic back to the website through Facebook ads, implementing a follow-up email sequence to re-engage past buyers, and adding chatbot scripts to keep the conversation going, their numbers were off-the-charts!

Since we started working with AudioCityUSA in August 2019, they have experienced a 123.15x return on ad spend. That means they put $477,321 into their ad spend and we helped them to earn $58,783,326 in returned revenue.

To recap : they went from almost zero experience with Facebook ads to nearly $59M in generated revenue in just 14 months!

Their following on their social channels has also grown exponentially. They nearly doubled their Facebook followers from 35K to more than 60K and increased Instagram followers from 11K to more than 18K. Now, more than 50% of their monthly sales revenue comes from Facebook ads.

To say they are newly-minted Facebook ad believers is an understatement. They have seen the light that there is a lot of money to be made with the audience you already have when you just know how to reach them.

“Our team never really viewed Facebook as a revenue source. We viewed it as somewhere where you can tell people what your brand is up to. Now we know that a whole bunch of our customers are on there too, who are ready to purchase with the right messaging and targeting.” - Johnathon K.

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