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Website Redesign – 5 Ways You Can Prepare Right Now to Avoid The Risk of a Poor Website Redesign

Website Redesign - A Must-See Guide

The website redesign process can seem daunting, but by taking a few steps to prepare you can ensure your project moves smoothly and ends with a website you can be excited about. According to a study by Blue Corona, 48% of people cited a website’s design as the number one factor in deciding the credibility of a business.


Take Inventory

Before you get started asking for proposals for a website redesign, take an inventory of what you already have. This is a good time to refresh any style guides, logos, or even your whole brand. If you are happy with what you have, make sure you have a high resolution (vector files are even better) version of all brand assets.

Additionally, any data you have regarding your existing website such as analytics, email opt-in, and current CMS (content management system, such as WordPress) or FTP (File Transfer Protocol) credentials will be required. Be prepared to share this information with your team early in the process. 


Find Inspiration for your Website Redesign

As you take the next few steps, be on the lookout for design and interface elements you like elsewhere on the web. This can be as simple as noticing a color scheme or menu style from a website you frequent or pointing out a feature on a competitors site and how it could be better.

Keep in mind when working on a website redesign, an agency will take your thoughts into account but they will also focus on creating a usable site that’s going to make your users happy.


Think About the Logistics

Website Redesign - Hosting

It is worth considering throughout this process how your organization plans to interact with your new website as well.

  • Will you host internally, or use a managed host?
  • Who will perform updates and maintenance tasks?
  • Do you have a CMS preference?

Duo can help transfer ownership to an internal team or provide ongoing hosting and maintenance depending on the needs of your organization. 


Define Your Audience & Goals

The next step is something you probably do every day – think about your audience. Who is going to be using your website? It is important to consider not only the users your existing website gets, but also the users you want to attract (and your strategy for attracting them). Along with thinking about your audience, you should consider the actions you hope they will take. 

A few examples might be: 

  • Getting homeowners to purchase a service you provide.
  • Attracting foundations to fund your non-profit.
  • Delivering information to event attendees.
  • Recruiting volunteers or employees.
  • Email list sign-ups from potential customers.

You should identify 1-3 primary goals as well as metrics to measure them by (sales, donations, applications, etc.), and, optionally any other objectives or problems you hope to solve with the new website.


Prepare Your Content for the Website Redesign

Does your brand have a voice? It is possible that the existing written content will work within your new website, but it is likely that there will need to be some changes. Whether because of changes over time or new objectives, content needs are not always consistent over time.

We build a sitemap for each project and match existing content to the pages outlined. While design and development are happening, you will have an opportunity to make notes on specific pages as well as help us revise new content as it is written. 

Website Redesign - Sitemap

In addition to written content, visuals should also be kept in mind. Whether you have existing material to use or will be depending on stock imagery, we are prepared to select and edit as necessary. As part of a complete project, you may wish to have custom visuals produced. Duo provides on site or remote photo and video services, as well as all aspects of  graphic design to ensure every aspect of your new site shines. 

Do you have other content to serve your users? Whether that is a podcast, video series, music download, or newsletter, have some examples of that ready as well.



Having your brand resources, website data and credentials, and design inspiration ready will make beginning your project easy. Being prepared with ideas and guidelines for both written and visual content will keep your project moving smoothly. Having your audience, goals, and metrics defined will make the rest of the process a slam dunk.