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A PSA on Posting Frequency for Social Media

Consider this an agency PSA for all the brands out there: 

More content does not equal more sales.

There, we said it, and it is something we feel strongly about. 

As much as everyone wants to post a billion times a day because they think it’s going to drive a crazy amount of sales, we’re here to ruin your dreams with some hard truths… as recently reviewed on the Sip, Create, Repeat podcast.

People do not want to hear from a brand that often.

When someone’s posting too much, it becomes overwhelming and your message doesn’t mean as much. Spreading content out helps your messaging stick and it will have more impact in the long run. 


Algorithms are not going to be in your favor. 

Here’s an example: a client was adamant they had to post 10 times a day on Instagram. They believed they were going to lose sales if they didn’t post that many times within 24 hours. The Duo team talked to them over and over again that you can post three times a week and still get as much if not more engagement than posting 10 times a day. They shifted to posting only three times a week, and since, we are seeing 15.1% increase in engagement from the previous seven days.

Now, our bigger focus for their account is striving for a higher quality of content. We are trying to catch eyes with their posts – and we’re doing this while only posting three times a week versus posting 10 times a day. Remember: the algorithm wants quality engagement and wants people to talk. Facebook, Instagram and so on want social media platforms to be a social space, so if you can, post one to two things a week that drive a lot of conversations. Focus on the quality and the engagement, and we bet you that your insights will still be just as good if not better. 


Your time can be spent better elsewhere.

Don’t get us wrong: we love a good day of just surfing through social media, creating great content. The good news is you can still be on social media all day, but you’re just not posting to your main feed all the time! 

If we are now encouraging you to encourage your followers to post comments on your posts, then you need to respond to those comments. Responding not only helps with algorithms, it also builds that trust between you and your customers that is so vital. 

Spending less time posting to your main feed also means more time for answering questions in your direct messages. Those DMs are hot sales leads, so make sure someone is actively checking your messages across all of your accounts. Setting up an auto responder helps to ensure you’re not sitting by your phone 24/7. Just make sure you’re not losing out on sales because you’re so worried about posting to your feed 15 times a day. 


“Okay, so I’m posting less – now what?”

Now that you have all that extra time since you’re not posting in your feed all the time, consider how spending time on engaging with your followers also helps to build brand trust through social proof.  In case you missed that episode of the podcast, Social Proof is a term that refers to people or in this case, customers, assuming that the actions of others are correct based on the frequency that they see these actions. 

Responding to customer comments and direct messages is a great way to build Social Proof. When a follower sees that a brand is responsive, it automatically gives that brand a leg up over another company that is not doing the same. Think of comments as the social media version of Yelp or Google – we would rather see you empower your customer base into being your cheerleaders and giving those testimonials in your posts than you spending too much time on crafting far too many posts. 

Remember: we’re all constantly looking for each other’s validation. We want to know that if the people in our inner circles – those like minded individuals that we know and trust most – approve of something, which is why customer reviews are so important. So it’s time to start building that social proof and start having those positive interactions with your followers. That is what is going to get you more sales and how you are going to scale your business, instead of posting 55 times a day. 


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