Grow & Scale WITH social media ADS & EMAIL MARKETING.

Handshake Digital is a data-driven agency that can give you the insights and strategies you need to succeed online. We’re not like all those other agencies that just talk in circles – we get down to business and make things happen.

WE'RE MORE black tees & BOLD IDEAS over board rooms.

Here at Handshake Digital we don't buy into the old mindset that you have to dress "professionally" to perform professionally. In most meetings you will find us in a hat and a hoodie, because what we wear doesn't dictate how well we perform.

So, if you're looking for a no-nonsense agency that is willing to bust their backs to drive the best results, that's us. If you're looking for some agency that wears suits and ties all day, we wish you the best of luck.

We've worked with a variety of d2c brands

“Finding an agency partner that you can trust to scale your business is one of the most difficult things we've ever done as a business. Once we found Handshake Digital we knew that it was the right fit immediately. They have helped us grow from $17M/year in revenue to over $50M/year. I can't recommend them enough.”





teamwork makes the dream work

Handshake Digital is a digital marketing agency that specializes in helping brands connect with their consumers on TikTok & email marketing 🤝. We do this through smart strategy and clever content.

We are the new school ad agency that picks black tees over boardrooms.

Handshake Digital is a businesses best friend. We are an agency partner that you can trust to help you see your e-commerce goals brought to life. Our team of marketers, data analysts, ad buyers, and creatives have helped businesses grow millions in revenue.

From email marketing to TikTok paid strategies to Facebook ads to Amazon ads. We have the knowledge and experience to drive results that help you increase ROAS and decrease ACOS.

As a trusted Shopify and Klaviyo partner, we know and understand e-commerce marketing and advertising like it's the back of our hand.


TikTok Strategies & Ads

Paid Media Management

Email Marketing

SMS Marketing

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