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PHP 7.2 – What You Need To Know

Many of our clients have received messages from us talking about how they need to update their  PHP version to version 7.2, but almost none of them know what the heck PHP is. That is completely fine, and we don’t expect you to, that’s one of those “let us worry about it, not you” things that get included when you work with an agency like ours. I did however want to write up a blog post explaining why it’s important that your site is running PHP 7.2 in human terms that non developers would understand. Here’s my best shot:

What on Earth is PHP?

PHP is the coding language WordPress, and many non-WordPress sites are built on, and its version is set at the server-level by your hosting company. Basically if your website does more than just display basic information, there’s a good chance it’s built on a programming language like PHP. There are loads of other programming languages out there, we just happen to use PHP.

Why should I care?

There are a bunch of reasons actually! You own a website, that’s awesome! But is your website as secure as it can be? Is it as fast as it can be? Keeping your programming language up-to-date is a really great way to make sure that you are providing a safe and secure website for your users. It also helps to bump up speeds during loading. Here’s a good way to think about it:
You currently own an older car that’s pretty outdated, it works just fine, gets you from point-A to point-B with no problem. It probably uses more gas than you’re proud to admit, but it works and you’re fine with that! If you get into an accident, your old car might not have all the airbags, automatic braking systems, etc that brand new cars have. This makes it less safe when you compare it to the new model. Also, the new models probably have some really great fuel economy upgrades, or the manufacturer has figured out how to make the most of the engine that the car has in it. This makes it more efficient.
This is the same with any programming language. As technology evolves, so do these programming languages and it’s important to keep them updated. Did we mention the added benefit of Google rewarding you for faster page load times? Pssh, yeah!

What do I do now?

If you’re a client of ours, you probably don’t have to do anything. Those of you that have had issues when we tried to update have been notified of the plan to get your site up-to-date. If you aren’t a client of ours, I highly suggest that you reach out to your web developer and find out if you are running the latest version of your programming language or not. It’s important to know these things and understand their importance.


Send them over! We will gladly chat about these important things, and even some non-important things if you wish.
Have a lovely day.