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Bold Colors Are Coming In 2018

We have already seen this trend creep in over the course of 2017 but bold, high saturated color palettes are going to be all over the place in 2018.

We have seen brands like eBay and DropBox make the shift to new branding utilizing bright and bold colors followed up by advertising smacking us in the face with that change. In the case of eBay I think has been a huge success. They are trying to take on the online marketplace arm of the giant that is Amazon and change the perceptions they are just a place where people sell their old junk. In reality 81% of products on eBay are new products! So what better way to say “Hey! Buy stuff on our platform.” then with a spunky new color palette and ads like this.

Spotify has been hitting us with bright bold colors all year long from their playlist covers to their advertising campaign using user data.
I got to say I am fan of this trend when done right. I am looking forward to seeing how this trickles down to small companies that are forward thinkers when it comes to promoting themselves. Lets just hope it doesn’t get to played out in 2018 the way that one person played “Sorry” 42 times on Valentines day.

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