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3 Hacks to Better Social Media – Facebook Edition

As a marketing agency, we see many small businesses, entrepreneurs and startups try to create and get their Facebook page up and running. To help with that, the Duo team wanted to share our three hacks to better a Facebook presence – as recently shared on our Sip. Create. Repeat. podcast:

HACK 1: Good Branding

A good cover photo and profile photo is vital. Think of these as the first aspects of your Facebook presence that users connect with as they see you post inside of the feed. They should be images that your audience can recognize quickly and start to attach to your brand. Your profile or cover photos don’t have to be of your logo specifically, but should be something that drives home what it is that you’re trying to do or what it is you’re trying to sell. Consider using a cool video featuring your products and services as your cover photo as you can use that type of content there.


HACK 2: Drive Engagement

Facebook is all about publishing content that is going to get people to interact with you, so all of your posts should drive engagement. Whether it is via Facebook Lives, polls or just about any sort of content you can put out, think about how it is going to drive people to comment, like or share it. And the more they do those actions, the more the Facebook algorithm will work to benefit you.


HACK 3: Selecting the Right Page Template

It is important to choose the right page template for your page. We see it all too often: someone starts their own Facebook business page and they just kind of run with whatever they can find as they initially set it up. But what most don’t know is that there is the ability in your page settings to choose a page template that is best for your type of business. Facebook does a good job of setting up your tabs that are shown on your page to be specific to your industry. For example, if you are a nonprofit, you might not need an online store page because you might not have things you need to sell. If you are a service based business, there’s the ability for users to book directly with you and have closer access points to your business.


BONUS HACK: Choosing the Right Page URL

This is one of the one of the top hacks we can offer, and that’s why we couldn’t really leave it out, right?!

If you have to tell someone the customized URL to your Facebook page (such as facebook.com/DuoCleveland), it should be something that rolls off the tongue and one that is easily spelled. That way, you have a higher chance of them actually visiting your page. This is especially important for those that may be running more traditional marketing campaigns, like in radio or print advertising as they need copy that can be quickly remembered.

Check back for more hacks on different various social media platforms that we’ll be sharing in the future. In the meantime, follow Duo Cleveland on Facebook today.

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