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Wickens Herzer Panza

Wickens Herzer Panza is a uniquely positioned law firm in Northeast Ohio that can handle any business matter, large or small. They pride themselves on their ability and expertise to rival both the large and small law firms while still providing the partnership and attention to detail their clients want in an attorney.

A New Perspective

Usability was a driving factor of this website redesign from day one. The team at WHP knew what they wanted and what they didn’t want, but they let us play around inside of the creative space to come up with the solution. They had already unveiled their new branding before coming to us, so our job was building that new brand into the site. Like kids in 9th grade biology class we immediately dissected the logo to see it’s “insides”. That’s when we saw it. The light blue triangle, we would pull the slash angle out of it and use that across the site.

Team Management Made Easy

Having a large team in an industry that statistically suffers from a high turnover rate is tough to manage. Wickens actually has an incredibly high retention rate, but they still wanted the website to be as easy as possible to update. We created a custom team area inside of WordPress to allow them to manage their entire staff in one place. We then worked our developer magic and dropped in their lawyers to their individual practice areas pages. This gives the end user a quick view of who they could be working with if they were in the process of searching for a lawyer.

A Review from Wickens Herzer Panza

I was introduced to Duo by a colleague of mine after interviewing 3 or 4 other web developers. To say I was impressed from the get-go is an understatement. The Duo team is young, energetic, kind and driven. They have the patience of saints, lots of integrity and the attitudes to roll up their sleeves and get the work done. Never once throughout our entire build out of our new website did I question the work they were doing – every single step of the way was phenomenal. They stay in constant communication, respond to questions immediately and succinctly and they do so positively and encouragingly. I would recommend Duo to anyone looking for a high quality website that utilizes today’s best practices and built by a team of hard workers. You guys are great – thank you!