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VanDalen is a B2B tech marketing company here in NEO. They were looking to partner with a creative agency to help them launch their new brand and create a brand new website for them. What resulted was a great partnership between two companies and friendships between humans.

Stand out by being yourself

Colleen Van Dalen is the Owner of Van Dalen. She’s one of the most unique individuals we have ever worked with. Filled with knowledge and know-how, covered in really cool tattoos and has a pet tarantula and a giant rottweiler, Brutus.  It was important that she kept her tone and her personality through her site. We integrated some really quirky illustrations, went on-location to her advisory board meeting in Washington D.C. to film a video and so much more!

Not just web, video work too

Van Dalen is unique in the fact that they have an advisory board filled with professionals in the tech and security industry. They were all convening to Washington D.C. for a weekend of meetings and work, a board retreat. It was important to Colleen that we captured video from the advisory board members to highlight them on the website. Take a look at the videos we created for them below.

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