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Every local municipality has it’s share of outdated tactics when it comes to spreading the word about initiatives and efforts. The City of Elyria hired duo. to help spread the word about something they had been struggling with for quite some time: proper recycling techniques in a city of 50,000.

The Problem

The City of Elyria has over 50,000 residents spread in a 20 square mile location nestled in the Northeastern portion of Lorain County. Ever since switching to the large toter bins vs. personal bins, recycling has been a struggle. Single stream recycling is difficult to manage but extremely effective when done correctly. duo. was hired to help get the correct rules and regulations out to residents by using digital and traditional marketing tactics.

Our Solution

Partners Chris Schneider and Pat Routa are both Elyria natives, with Chris still living there currently. They already knew some of the challenges that faced the city. There is a large range in financial diversity and age diversity in Elyria, meaning we had to get creative to get our message in front of people. We utilized a mix of traditional marketing efforts, digital marketing efforts and social media management to get the word out about how to properly recycle in Elyria.


the number of Facebook page followers added in the first 4 weeks of being active.


new users to the website within 3 weeks of launching.


impressions on one single social media ad campaign.