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Randy’s Pickles is a hand-crafted pickle making company created in 2013 here in Cleveland, Ohio. Started from a breakup, they have grown into a local monster, but they were looking to grow their following regionally and eventually nationally. Take a look at some of the results below.

Helping a niche food brand grow

Selling artisanal food products is always difficult. How do you sell something online when you want to taste it before you buy it? You explore the other senses, especially the sense of sight. Our team got busy coming up with new ideas to show off these beautiful pickles. There’s a uniqueness about them, they aren’t in the green “slime” that other pickles are in. They look insanely fresh. The labels are fresh and clean, the product is displayed nicely and the tops are white. This may seem like a small thing, but most pickle brands go with gold tops, so we wanted to make them stand out.


Here’s the background: Randy’s started because of a breakup. If you want to learn more about the roots of this pickle business, click here. We wanted to help tell the story about how these pickles are more than just a side snack. They are a food accessory that you need to be including in a lot of recipes. We got busy working on local food partnerships, organizing giveaways and getting their market schedules online. We curated a new style and look for their instagram feed and made sure to create a great content marketing plan so that we were posting consistently on their social media channels. The results have been great.