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The Work From Anywhere Chronicles – Traveling & Running An Agency Post 4

I took the day off writing on Sunday and took over driving responsibilities for the majority of the day. We were headed from Santa Fe, NM to northern Arizona. Along the way we stopped by the Petrified Forest National Park to check out the brilliance of the painted desert, petrified trees and so much more. Honestly, these parks are the ideal place to social distance. You have the ability to be far away from people but enjoy the majesty of things rarely seen (at least to a guy from Northeast Ohio).

An office with a view

We are staying with family in a cabin that is situated in-between 3 national forests. Sunshine, blue skies and tons of pine trees is how my current office is decorated. It’s certainly a refreshing change from the passenger seat of the family van.

Strong internet, strong coffee and some shady spots at a table. This sums up my work week perfectly.

My goal through this entire trip is to miss as few of my standing meetings as possible. Even if that means waking up at very odd times (hello time zone differences) so we don’t have to reschedule just because I am traveling. You see, my team shouldn’t have to change their normal work days because I decided to work remotely for almost a month. That is on me, and I need to make it work for them.

Content from the woods

We decided that we were going to re-launch the format of our podcast – Sip, Create, Repeat a few weeks ago (new episodes coming soon). This means that every Monday we hop on a zoom call and record a couple of episodes. This week was no exception to the rule. See my point above about me working to my team’s schedule, not making them work to mine.

I brought my entire podcasting and content creation kit with me. Pat is the mastermind of equipment and he has me set up to perfection to have a traveling road show 😂. Here’s a breakdown of all of the equipment I use to set ourselves up for success.

A change in focus

You see, changing scenery and changing my routine has allowed me to also change my focus a bit. All too often the habits we have in our work day also lead to us doing the same types of tasks every day. This change of pace and change of ‘office’ location has allowed me to also work on some things we haven’t touched in a bit. This post is one of them. I haven’t been writing nearly enough blog posts. I’m not great at writing but like any skill, I have to work on it to get better at it.

I’ve also been working a lot on the content strategy on the agency and on some of our clients. We always try to take a step back from our normal social media management and look at the strategy as a whole. We are currently tweaking and revising the strategy for one client that has about 70,000 followers across Facebook and Instagram. Most people think 70,000 would be life changing, but we always are looking for ways to reach more and provide value to those that have followed the accounts that we manage.

Back to the heat

Our stay in the cabin in the woods has come to an end and now we will be headed down to the heat of the desert. It’s a nice, comfortable 115 degrees there right now. So instead of working from the patio outside, I’ll be inside from the air conditioning and our lunch breaks will consist of hopping in the swimming pool and splashing around for a while.

The real challenge starts Monday for my remote working. We will be touring the amazing Utah National Parks and working our way up to Rocky Mountain National Park eventually. Internet will be spotty, cell service will probably be spotty. But that’s been planned for. I’ll work more on things that don’t require an internet connection (see point about strategies, writing, etc). And then once we are in the mobile office (the family van) for long periods of time I will be back to tethering and working from the passenger seat.