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5 Ways to Spice Up Lorem Ipsum

If you are like me you have been working with filler text so long that it gets hard to distinguish a sentence starting with “Lorem ipsum dolor…” and the copy your client actually ends up sending you to replace it.

But, like anything in life, changing things up can always be refreshing. Below are five great ways to add some diversity to your placeholder copy…


Beer Lorem Ipsum

Who doesn’t love a few crispy boys? Enjoy a cold one and get that filler copy in place


Bacon Ipsum

Honestly, I am pretty sure this one speaks for itself.


Hipster Ipsum

Maybe you need to drop in some copy for that all organic, gluten free coffee shop that you are designing a website for. Throw on your favorite deep V and get to work.


Online Dating Ipsum

Who knows this option might just be a great new option for you, or it will give you instant anxiety about how awful your last bumble date went.


Cat Ipsum 

The purrfect way to get out of hairy lack of copy situation.