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You May Not Need a CMS Like WordPress

We are a design company with a primary focus on designing websites, that’s probably the largest portion of our portfolio to-date. We typically work with clients in the small to medium-sized business realm, and many of them come to us with a desire to have their website run on WordPress, or a content management system (CMS) of some sort. We’re here to tell you that you probably don’t need one, or don’t have time to manage one.
WordPress is the CMS that we use and prefer in-house at Duo. We like it’s ease-of-use for our clients most of all. Are there other options out there? Yep! Are there better options out there? Probably! We just prefer WordPress and many of our clients know about it, or have used it before. With that being said, every CMS has it’s set of quirks and issues, and WordPress is no different.
While we take efforts to secure information, use incredible hosting environments and continually monitor our website, if you rarely sign in to work on your website, there’s a good chance it will get attacked by a spam bot. There’s no real reason for them attacking your website other than their algorithms noticing that it’s WordPress and then trying to get in. Basically they are just a pain in your side.

Time is Money

Your time as a business owner, marketing manager or person in charge of other people is valuable. It’s also typically spread thin, so the question you have to ask yourself is this:

  1. Are you really going to spend time to change content, add blog posts and keep things updated?
  2. Do you even have time to update your company’s social media accounts?
  3. What is your knowledge level of marketing, SEO and other things related to people finding your website?

Up-front development costs are higher, hosting is typically billed at a higher rate and many companies require a maintenance fee (not us) for keeping your CMS up-to-date. If you’re only going to update your website 2-3 times per year it’s going to be much more cost-effective and time-effective to pay a company like ours to do the work. Need to update a paragraph to be something different? Easy peasy for us, might not be so easy for you.

A CMS is Nice, Though Not Always Required

Is paying a few thousand extra up-front going to be worth it in the long run? If your agency charges you a few hundred dollars to update your website twice per year it’s probably going to take a burden off of your plate. The best piece of advice we can give to you is to make a decision based on what you need, not what your design company forces on you. Here at Duo we like to work with WordPress and without WordPress, and we think the results are equally beautiful.