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When do you need a Website Redesign?

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Your website is where consumers go to get information on you and your products, it’s your face to the world, so having a website that is lacking can be hurting you more than you realize. Whether your website has fundamental issues that are hindering your company’s accessibility, or if things are just feeling a little stale, a redesign can be a great way to refocus and streamline consumer access. There are several key things to consider when deciding if your website is due for revamping.

Is Your Website Achieving The Results You Want?

Your company should have certain goals for your website. It may be to sell a product or service, or just to provide information, but either way that goal is important, and if your website isn’t delivering on it then you have a problem. The most common reason for failing goals is having hard to access content. Your website should be incredibly easy to navigate. It may seem obvious to say you shouldn’t have a confusing website but when Adobe reports that 38% of people will stop engaging with a website because of layout problems then it bares repeating.
Your website should attract users because of its design and ease of access, and maintain them because of the value it presents to the user. The goal of your website is to show people who you are as a business—this means providing accessible content with calls to action. Blogs, videos, social media marketing, and updates, are all great ways to provide your customers with a service that ups your credibility. A regularly updated website says: we’re here and ready for you.

Is It Up To Date?

Your business is fluid and adapts to the ever-changing world, so having an outdated website that is stuck in the past can really drag business down. One recent change that’s leaving older websites in the dust is mobile optimization. According to ComScore, between December 2013 and December 2015, smartphone internet consumption grew by 78%. The amount of people relying on their phones or tablets for internet access is growing every day—mobile accessibility is now a necessity. When customers access your site on a small device, it damages their experience if they are met with content that is difficult to maneuver or maybe doesn’t even work on their screen. Poorly optimized mobile viewing means a redesign is overdue.
Third party tools and functions are coming out all the time, streamlining websites and increasing user accessibility. If your website was built with old technology that is no longer the most efficient out there, it’s time to update. Everything from the platform it was built on to the external widgets should be helping to make your company’s website better—not slowing it down. Along with this, having links to current social media sites is a great way to stay on trend and have access to a larger market. This includes linking to your Twitter or Facebook and getting rid of those old links to your Myspace page.
When you google one of your products, or search for your service, you’re going to want to make sure it’s your business that pops up. Search Engine Optimization is an invaluable tool for your company’s website to keep it at the top of search results. You know personally that when you use a search engine, very seldom do you look past the first few results. Your prospective clients do the same exact thing, meaning you need a website with up to date SEO—bringing people in from the most important keywords.

Have Your Company’s Marketing Goals Changed?

Your company is changing with the times. You adapt your marketing goals and strategies to fit the demand of the public, so having a static website isn’t doing you any favors. Your website should reflect your current marketing goals. If you’ve decided to target a younger audience but your website from five years ago is still aimed at an aging generation, you’re not going to be bringing in your desired demographic. Ultimately, you have to make sure that your website reflects who you are as a company today.

Is It Just Feeling Stale?

Another reason to redesign your website is also the most simple: it’s just old. If you’re getting bored of your website, your customers are too. Your website should be fresh and crisp, giving your company a competitive edge. People want to look at new, sleek websites that appear modern and updated. Design trends come and go, and if something doesn’t feel right, it’s likely that you need to consider a redesign.
When a customer views your website for the first time it only takes them seconds for them to make up their mind about your company—and according to Kissmetrics, “40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.” A redesign can save you customers who are turned off by the way you display content, and it can even save those people who click off before it loads. At Duo, we understand current trends, and we’ve got the technical knowledge to deliver you an optimized redesign—considering consumers and search engines. Whether you want more conversions, a new look, or just quick quote, we’re here to help.

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