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Tips For Small Business Holiday Marketing

Reach your customers and show them that small businesses are great!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, right? Consumers are everywhere and they are in the spending spirit, so we wanted to whip up a few ideas so your business could benefit from the increased spending habits that come with the holiday season.
– Plan Ahead
We can’t overstate this one enough, hence the reason it’s our very first tip for small business holiday marketing. Stock up some extra product and prepare to offer your customers a deal, because that’s what they are expecting this time of year. Maybe setup some sort of rewards card, or referral credit program. Make sure you have the ability to offer gift certificates or gift cards, if you have the ability to accept credit cards, there’s a good chance that you can offer gift cards, you just have to do a little research.
– Think Like a Consumer
Black Friday generally isn’t that great of a day for small businesses because so many consumers are out shopping at the big box stores because of their insane popularity. Small business Saturday is a “holiday” created by American Express a few years ago. It’s a very good day to push your business out to the world, but don’t expect to create one Facebook post on Small Business Saturday and expect the doors to be bursting when you open. We will dive into that more in the next point.
– Use Social Media
Plan ahead, think like a consumer, and USE SOCIAL MEDIA. If you’ve never hired a graphic design company in the past, now is the time. You want to have graphics and posts that help you stand out from the crowd, your design company of choice should also know how to setup and properly format social media ads, if they don’t know how, just hire us! Did you know that Facebook allows you to schedule posts in advance? Using some free software like Hootsuite, you can schedule Tweets, Facebook posts and so much more. It’s a holiday weekend, so spend that time with your actual family, not your Facebook family. If you’re in an industry that has great products / services we highly recommend integrating Instagram into your social media strategy, but it is not without it’s faults (it’s tough to manage multiple accounts on one device, which is a real bummer).
– Set Aside an Advertising Budget
So many small businesses are so reluctant to set aside any money for advertising, but we’re here to tell you how much it can help you. Did you know that if you have a Facebook page for your business and you don’t “boost” your posts that those posts will only get shown to ~3% of your followers? Shocking numbers really, if you have 100 people that like your page, only around 3 are going to see your post. You could be giving away a car, but you could struggle to get the word out if you don’t set aside some money to get the word out even more!
One of our clients, Chuck’s Custom Carts has had a very successful Facebook page for quite some time now. The success to their page didn’t start until they discovered the benefits of adding a little cash to their Facebook strategy. They currently have around 2,300 people that “Like” their page. A non-boosted post will get them around 6 likes and maybe a comment or two. That’s an insanely low number! They use great photography, great descriptions and many more tactics, how could their posts possible get that low of an engagement? On their most recent boosted post they set aside $150 and the numbers were staggering. 35K people reached, 177 Likes, 24 shares, over a dozen comments and most importantly, they got a few sales from it. Think about that for a second…they set aside $150, which is a pretty small number and they were able to get an incredible amount of traction and that was just with a “boosted” post! So if you don’t understand most of this lingo, but like the numbers, hire us to help you out, we’re not just saying that to try to sell you, it really can be a huge benefit.
Have you ever heard the saying “in order to make money, you have to spend money”? There is some truth behind that statement, but you don’t have to spend a ton of money to have several sales. Reach your customers this holiday season with social media marketing, great graphic design or even great website design and development solutions.