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Simple Marketing Tactics for Small Businesses

We work with businesses that come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but when you peer behind the curtain they all have a similar need. They need to market their business as cheaply and effectively as possible. Sometimes marketing is very expensive, but there are tactics out there to help stretch your dollar even further. We will go over a few of our recent efforts that are working very well in this article.

Coffee cup sleeves

We’ve all seen them, many of us have used them. They are the cardboard sleeves that keep your hands from getting too hot when you’re enjoying your favorite hot beverage. But did you know these little sleeves are instant conversation starters that could lead to you sparking a deal? Here at Duo we have our own sleeves and we use them every time we meet with clients in-house or even if we go and work from the local coffee shop. As you can see we have our website URL, our social media profiles, our logo and a small tagline. All of those things are small conversation starters that have helped us foster new relationships.

Snapchat Filters

If you have a demographic that is anywhere from 15-35 you should be looking at running custom Snapchat filters for your business. While Facebook might have the largest overall user base, Snapchat’s users are engaging and help to ignite a local following like no other. We have created snapchat filters for friend’s going to bachelor parties, young professional networks, businesses with booths at trade shows and DJ’s at concerts. Snapchat filters can be incredibly cheap, or incredibly expensive depending on the size of the footprint you are trying to cover and the amount of time you are looking to span. Everything is based on square-footage and overall time on Snapchat.

Bottle Openers

Our business is one that often meets over coffee, water or beer (depending on the day!) at a local establishment. Our first gift that we give to new clients is our bottle openers and a jar of Randy’s Pickles. Why the bottle opener? It’s simple. They put it on their keychains and have it with them everywhere they go. The hope is that they see it one evening while relaxing, remember about a project they want us to do and email us! If nothing else we get to save some hands, and some beer bottles, from incorrect opening tactics! Interested in why we give our new clients pickles? Because we designed the brand and one of the partner’s of Duo is a partner in that company! A great way to spread local flavor while having a great ice breaker!

So with that being said, marketing your business doesn’t have to be expensive while still looking really damn good. Interested in hiring us to work on some awesome design, branding, or marketing projects for your business or event? Contact us today!