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Our Tools of the Trade

There are tons of apps and services out that can help make your life easier. Below is a list of some of our favorites that help us work, collaborate and operate more efficiently.

1. Slack  apps-slack

If you haven’t heard of Slack yet you’re probably living under a rock. Nearing almost 3 million active daily users, Slack it has become the tool of choice for tons of companies small and large to communicate.

At Duo we have actually integrated most of our client into the app and have about 85% of our client interaction via Slack. It has allowed for transparency and keeps everyone informed about what’s happening with all our projects. No more worrying about if you CC’d everyone you needed to on an email.

2. Airmail


While we have shifted most our communication as a company over to Slack, there is still no such thing as an empty inbox. After being a Mac Mail user for years, we finally made the switch to Airmail. A well designed interface as well as lightning fast speed makes it an instant favorite of mine.

3. ToDoist


If you guys are like me you have a running list on your desk of things that need to get done. More often than not this results in a pile of post-it notes covering 90% of the surfaces on my desk. ToDoist is the digital answer! You can set up a team and assign tasks to people, see your next 7 days in snapshot and keep tabs on what everyone else in your team has on their plate. Plus, there is something rewarding about seeing that little “no more tasks for the day” graphic. I have probably already saved 10 trees by making this switch.

4. Harvest


You do the work, you need to get paid for it. Harvest is hands down the best time tracking and invoicing platform out there. It is relatively inexpensive and the new desktop widget makes logging time a breeze.

5. Envato Elements


Recently launched by Envato, this might be our new favorite resource. This subscription, much like a stock photo site, gives unlimited access to tons of different assets from fonts, mock up templates, landing pages and loads of photoshop actions. Envato Elements has become a huge asset for those smaller budget, quick turnaround projects.

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