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Logo Clean-ups

You’ve been running your business for years now, and people know your logo. Good or bad, they still recognize it and many folks don’t want to completely move away from what they have had working for them. That’s where a “logo clean-up” comes in, and it’s more beneficial than you can imagine.

Here’s how we define a clean-up:

We’re going to keep the same overall tone, shape and idea that you currently have, but we are going to make it better. We will clean up rough spots in the logo, we will provide all of the versions of your logo that any business owner should have and we can even help to define a clear and concise color palette.

Rough around the edges

Many times we have clients who’s logos were created many years ago, and sometimes they were just scanned and “digitized”. This was a fine practice way back when, but today people expect to see a clear and precise logo. Your logo is on your sign, your business cards, Facebook profile, Twitter, Instagram, marketing brochures, flyers, etc. We can help clean up your logo and still keep your budget in-tact.
So if you’re ready to chat with our team of award-winning graphic designers please contact us today or call 216-282-8029 for your free creative consultation!