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Introducing, Plans. Low-Cost Monthly Websites

As a web design company in the Midwest one of our largest competitors are the ‘free’ website builders, or the cheap website builders. All too often agencies like ours want to brush people off that need that sort of help, we only want the big fish right? That all changes starting today.
Today we are officially announcing the newest offering from duo, plans. By signing up for plans you are going to get a modern, responsive, beautiful website starting at just $29 per month. We have three different tiers of websites available, check out our pricing tiers here.
Many small business owners, bands, people with ideas, etc. have told us time and time again that they unfortunately cannot handle large up-front costs, they can’t handle undertaking a large 4-12 week type project, and they don’t have time to learn new software to create their own website. That basically left them with no real good option to get a beautiful website. These people may have the greatest business idea that just needs a little help, and we didn’t have the business model to support them. Now we do, we are proud of our new service offerings and hope that you find them very affordable and very beneficial to the things that you are trying to do.
The process is simple. We will open up official sign ups on September 29th, you head over to our plans site and pick your plan, enter your information and we will contact you. We need 3 things from you. 1) Logo / branding. Don’t have one? We can make one for you, just contact us! 2) Content. You know your business well, we can show you the content sections so you have an idea as to how much info you need to provide. 3) Imagery. Do you have a space that you want to show off? Images of some products / services? Send them over! After that we take all of this information and give you a beautiful website within 5 business days. You do have to own a domain name already before we can begin.
Does this sound like something you, or somebody you know could be interested in? Please spread the word! Anybody who enters their email on this page before September 29th will receive their first month free! Want to see a demo of what your site could look like? Click here!

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