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Help A Non-profit get a Free Website

This year we at Duo have decided to take a different approach to holiday ‘gifts’. For those that don’t know the creative business, typically we would take and buy our clients gift cards, or maybe send them a mug and key chain or something along those lines. Basically, material gifts. This year we wanted to do something that was actually going to make a difference in people’s lives. Under the about section of our website we wrote this:

We believe a better world is possible by investing, believing and giving.

We have invested, we have believed, now it’s time to give.
We are proud to announce our Revive campaign. Revive is about helping those in-need with the skills that we have here at Duo. Here’s some more information regarding the campaign:

For every company that signs a new website contract with us between November 1st and December 23rd, we will then randomly draw a non-profit from a pre-selected pool of candidates who will receive a brand new website at absolutely no cost to them.
So here’s where you can help. These non-profits are great examples of fantastic organizations that really could benefit from a brand new, high-quality, well-designed website. Many of the non-profits we have chosen are just a few steps away from becoming very successful with the community here in Northeast Ohio. Maybe they have all of this great information on their website, but the website is poorly put together. Or maybe their website is very outdated and broken and people cannot find the information. These non-profits could use a hand, so if you know somebody that needs a brand new website for their business, have them fill out the form on this page and get in contact with us. Remember, the contracts have to be signed between 11/1 and 12/23 (because we don’t work on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day).
What’s the catch? We can’t really say there is one, this campaign not only helps businesses that need new websites get new websites, but they can help get a non-profit a brand new website as well.
1 website for you, 1 website for a local non-profit.