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Coffee Happens, And Then The Things Happen.

Creativity doesn’t start for us until that first hot cup of deliciousness hits our lips

As I sit in a Starbucks here in Cleveland watching the brisk winds blow the leaves around I’m reminded how thankful I am for a drink that is made from beans and water. Coffee is such a delicious treat to enjoy any time of day, and in any weather, but fall and winter in the Midwest is what coffee was made for. The days turn grey and we won’t see multiple days of sunshine for months, we will be lucky to see the thermometer hit 60 until May, so how the heck else are we supposed to get through our hibernation period? Coffee is an essential part of the Duo team, it’s myself, Pat and coffee doing most of the work here.
Since we are a 100% remote office we do not operate in some big, fancy office in Downtown Cleveland, we work from home, coffee shops, and just about anywhere we can get an internet connection. While our work place may never be the same, we always make sure to have our coffee with us. Coffee drives us to get out of our rut, it pushes us to finish up that extra job late on a Friday afternoon so Monday looks better. Speaking of Monday’s, coffee is scientifically proven to make Monday’s palatable (ok, maybe not true, but it should be).
Here at Duo we wanted to make our blog be different from the other creative agencies in the world. So many want to tell you how to make your website #1 on Google, or how to properly talk with your creative firm when you meet with them. Those are great and all, but when our clients work with us, they become part of the family, part of the team. They are much more than a dollar amount on an invoice, or a name of a company, they are a company that trusts us with their business. Every year we purchase small gifts for our clients, while they are small, these gestures go a very long way. The most-popular gift that we send out? Starbucks gift cards of course! Everybody can use a pick-me-up to get through the crazy holiday times that lie ahead, and we understand that as much as anybody. So on our blog you won’t always see us posting articles about getting the most ROI for your money, or how to magically rise to the top of a Google search. Nope, that’s not our style. We want people to know more than just the logo and email addresses associated with us.
So if you’re interested in chatting sometime about an upcoming project, drop us a line and let’s go have coffee sometime!