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Branded Content & Why We’re On Board

Our business is primarily a web design & graphic design business. We have made some great websites, we’ve worked on some really great brands and we’ve worked on a lot of things in-between. There has always been one thing missing when it comes to the service offerings that we have…branded content.

What is branded content?

In our terms, branded content is videos, photos, live feeds and more that you and your business put out into the world. Imagine this for a second. You have a new potential client/customer on the hook, they are deciding between you and one other person. Your website has photos & videos of you, your team and maybe some of your happy customers / clients and the other company has some stock photography and a few fancy infographics. If I were a bettin’ man I would say that 9 times out of 10 would prefer the site with the “branded” content. Why is that?


People already have a hard time picking companies just based on their websites. Tricky language, confusing terminology, and strange sales tactics are things that every person has come across on this great, wonderful world wide web of ours. If they can see photos of you, your team, your facility and maybe even a nice video overview of your company they will be way more inclined to work with you.

Live Streaming – Get Involved

Whether you like it or not, video is the new king of the castle. I, like a lot of people, hate hearing my voice or seeing myself on video. I pick myself apart and stress myself out. But guess what? That doesn’t matter. You started your business, your organization, your company because you clearly have some level of confidence and knowledge in your subject matter. Share that knowledge with other people that may be wanting to learn more about it. Or, if you tout yourself as a leader in your industry (even if it’s just locally), show your followers that you really do have the knowledge that your website says you do.  It’s as easy as opening up Facebook or Instagram, and clicking a few buttons to start a live stream. Give people a peak behind the curtain, or give them a glimpse of the knowledge that you have. It takes time, you won’t have a lot of people tuning in right away, but with time and consistency you can create a fanbase that is truly interested in what you have to say.

In closing.

We are branding experts. Every project that we work on we think back to how this would impact the brand or how it would support the brand. Would you rather go to a website, or browse a social media profile of a business that has cheesy stock photos, or photos & video of their actual business? The answer is easy. Do yourself a favor, work with a company like us (shameless plug) to see just what impact branded content can have on your business.