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Your Halfway-Through-the-Year Social Media Audit

Social Media Marketing Audit

Congratulations! You made it through half of 2020, one of the wildest, wackiest, unpredictable and uncertain years in recent history. Keeping your social media efforts up and going may have felt twice as hard lately, but the halfway point isn’t the time to let up on your digital marketing efforts. In fact, it’s the best time to double down – but only after a bit of analysis to make sure you’re still on the right track. 

Here are our team members’ tips on how to audit and clean up your social media accounts at the mid-year mark:

Check In On Your Brand

First impressions are still incredibly important and potential customers are discovering your social media accounts every day. This is the perfect opportunity to ensure that your branding is on point and consistent across all aspects of your social media presence. This includes copy in bios, descriptions and hashtag usage; plus via profile photos, cover photos and general graphic design.


Who Are These People Anyways? Find Out Who Your Social Media Followers Are

Heading into the new year, you may have had a very clear picture of your company’s customer personas – are they the same six months later? Check your insights to see if you are reaching the same people with your posts as you were back in January or if your audience has at all shifted. With that information, you can determine if you are still reaching your anticipated audience / if you need to find ways to target them better, or if you have discovered a new client to market to moving forward.


Engage With Your Engagement Metrics

This is the perfect opportunity to identify your top performing social media posts including your site’s most liked, commented on and shared content. Why did your followers take those actions on those posts? What days and times were your audience members most active? What made those pieces of content stand out from the rest? Take note and take action with that knowledge the rest of the year.


Review Your Content Calendar

With some new observations about your engagement data, consider what changes you can implement to improve them. The best place to start this process is in your feed’s Content Calendar. You’ve realized your audience doesn’t respond well to early morning posts? Try moving them to the evening. Say you have been writing long-winded captions with no engagement? How about going more clear and concise with your copy? Not already using a Content Calendar? This is the best time to start! Scheduling content at least 4 weeks in advance allows you to strategize what campaigns you can act on as the year progresses. We use Hootsuite here at Duo to schedule out all of our internal and client social media! (Black Friday and Cyber Monday will be here before we know it, after all!)


Social Media Spring Cleaning (in the Summer)

Everything needs to be dusted off, cleaned out and even put to the curb – and this includes your social media accounts. Clean up any copy that is long-winded, confusing or outdated. Consider cleaning up your followers via removing any bots / fake accounts that have found their way to your feeds.  Archive any posts that no longer align with your brand – this may include underperforming posts. (I know you thought that one top-down flat-lay was going to hit HARD, but what ya gonna do?)


Re-Evaluate Your Goals for the Rest of the Year

This is your glass half-full / half-empty moment. Sure, half of the year has passed, but you still have another six months to reach your 2020 goals. With the previous steps complete, what have you learned? How can you continue to implement what is working? What can you do to serve your customers better while reaching new ones? This is your chance, so take it!


TELL US: How are you auditing your social media accounts halfway through 2020? What changes have you made to improve your marketing moving forward and into the next six months?