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Tips for a High-Productivity Work From Home Life.

Working from home is an incredible way to enjoy the ultimate work/life balance, but if you’ve never had to work from home before, you may find yourself struggling to stay productive.

Here at Duo, we were founded on the concept that we can work anywhere we have an internet connection. Whether it’s a beach, a snow-covered cabin or flying in an airplane at 30,000 ft. We are proud that we have a highly-productive team that is all remote.

Fun Fact. Did you know that agency co-owner/partner Chris was a full-time stay-at-home Dad in the early years of Duo? It’s possible to manage both!

1) A Dedicated Workspace

Having a dedicated workspace is crucial. Try to not make it a common place in your home if you can. You want a place that you can walk away from at the end of the day. It also helps you keep to “working hours”.

2) Working Hours

Keep them as close to normal as possible. You might be tempted to sleep a little later now that your commute is filled with avoiding lego blocks on the floor and petting a dog, but don’t overestimate your routine and how it makes you productive. Here at Duo we don’t care what the “working hours” are of our team. Partners Pat and Chris keep fairly standard business hours because we know that clients expect it. Our project manager, Mallory, also keeps pretty standard business hours. The rest of our team is free to work when it’s best for them. We just ask that they have some consistency so we can plan deadlines and deliverables.


No, I did not accidentally leave the caps lock on. It’s so easy to forget about breaks when you’re home. You are outside of your norm, but that doesn’t mean you can go 100MPH from sun-up to sundown. Take your usual breaks. Eat your lunches, call your family. Keep those things normal.

4) Lean on Technology

Zoom is incredible for having video conferences. But also, you can lean on Facetime. Instant messaging is a fairly normal way for businesses to communicate internally. Continue that. But don’t be afraid to mix up some things here and there. For instance, we are hosting an all-team happy hour virtually today. It’s Friday and we want people to be able to relax and unwind with humans outside of their house without actually having to leave.

5) Keep the TV Off

Hey, working in your PJs is pretty nice, amiright? Don’t get so relaxed that you think you can have the TV on at all times. Especially with what’s happening all around us. Use it on your breaks, but try to set a timer so you don’t get sucked down a rabbit hole watching the entirety of The Office season 2 from start to finish when you were expected to be working.


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