The Reality of Partnering with a Marketing Firm: Marketing Advice from Rappers

The Reality of Partnering with a Marketing Firm: Marketing Advice from Rappers

There are generally two phases in which a company decides that they need the help of an outside marketing firm like us. In the first stage, they are a new company looking for a guiding hand to help them understand the best marketing practices. These can include why certain marketing efforts are crucial, and the best way to successfully market on a limited budget. Already established businesses seek out marketing firms too. A rapidly growing company still fights the battle of margins and employee turnover rate, and is competing on an ever-changing marketing landscape. Duo is here for you, and this article will help break down why it’s important to ALWAYS invest in your marketing efforts as a business owner.


"This sh*t didn't happen overnight. This sh*t didn't happen suddenly"

What the prophets, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis were saying in their track “Brad Pitt’s Ugly Cousin,” is that things take time. Their success didn’t happen overnight or suddenly. You need to have the same mindset when you are marketing your business. Neil Patel breaks this down beautifully in his blog titled “When Can You Expect Your Marketing Efforts to Bear Fruit?” You should be looking at any marketing effort as a marathon – not a sprint. Write down your goals and discuss them with the marketing firms that you want to work with. If they tell you they can do everything without any sort of push-back, that raises a red flag. Your marketing firm is there to help align your goals with realistic deliverables, so if you’re talking to somebody that isn’t pushing back, you either need to improve your goals or seek out other agencies.


Kanye West

Confession time. I love Kanye West as an artist. Again, as an artist. But if you take this approach to your marketing efforts, the results will show. You need to have lofty goals for your marketing initiatives – but you also need to have a safety net. You don’t want to get in the habit of firing marketing companies left and right because it takes time for success to show in the marketing world (see point 1).

Reality check: you don’t have the time to take on lofty marketing goals yourself if you also are trying to grow your business. Focus on building your business and partner with a marketing firm that you can trust. Then you can grow your business and your marketing efforts at the same time.


Kendrick Lamar

When you’re managing your own marketing, it’s easy to fall into trends. If you do a Google search for “Marketing for small business 2019” you will get about 874,000,000 results. What option are you going with? There are literally almost a billion to choose from. Partnering with a marketing firm should give your marketing a rock-solid base to work from. It’s our job to analyze trends and determine if they would be a good fit for your marketing plan. Don’t waste your time and energy on trends that could lead to nowhere – let your marketing firm guide you on this journey.



You have already made the business. You’ve set some goals, now the hard part comes up – making “fat diamonds out of dusty coals.” Partnering with a marketing firm should be viewed as a long-term, mutually-beneficial partnership. Our goal is to elevate your brand, increase your revenue, and help automate portions of your business to free up some of your “spare” time. If your marketing firm hits these goals, it helps them to talk with more clients that are going through similar issues.



Working with a marketing company should be something you intend on doing at any stage of your business. Either hire out a marketing firm or hire an internal team, but please don’t try to do all of your marketing by yourself. Marketing evolves so quickly, and rarely do business owners have the free time to read and study-up on those evolutions.

Ask yourself, how much is my time worth? and then set your marketing and financial goals. Establish a budget to hit those goals and start contacting marketing firms today. If you run a business in 2019 and you do not have a marketing team at your disposal, you are losing an uphill battle. We have an incredible number of tools at our disposal, and it takes time, energy (and yes, money), to be successful.