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Six Tips for a Successful Instagram Giveaway

Interested in sharing your products and services with more people — all while growing a following and giving back to your existing followers? It may be a great time to host an Instagram giveaway. And as we discussed on the Sip, Create, Repeat podcast, there are several things you can do to ensure its success:

A Great Product or Offer

Think about when you are enticed to enter to win something. It is usually because the prize is amazing and worth your time. For your Instagram giveaway, go out of the way to create an interesting prize pack or offer that is a custom or unique – something that can’t be bought off the shelves or from your eCommerce store. The more one-of-a-kind, the better. 


Awesome Giveaway Partners

We always try to find new giveaway partners for two reasons. One is if you use the same partners over and over, your audiences will start to wash together and then you will be promoting your giveaways to the same audience over and over again. The second reason: having new partners means you have the opportunity to offer different products and services as prizes. That will draw people in and get them more excited to tag more friends.


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Good Creative

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: you need good creative. A great image is important as it should highlight all of the different partners and make sure that what everyone is contributing is shown in a good light. Take time to create a nice scene that will make Instagram users stop as they are scrolling through their feeds while also ensuring that all giveaway partners are involved equally.


Easy Rules and Entry 

Consider when you are clicking through a website: the more clicks you have to make, the more frustrated you get and the less likely you are to complete a transaction. The same idea holds true for giveaways. 

Make the act of entering as simple as possible, but also as beneficial as possible for you as the giveaway organizer and for your partners. We suggest entries like liking a post, tagging a few friends to help spread the word and making sure entrants are following the giveaway host accounts. Offering extra entries for sharing to Instagram Stories is a great way to spread the word, but can be complicated to track on the back end. Think through how much time and energy you have, as well as how much time and energy your followers have to participate in the giveaway.

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Ongoing Promotion of the Giveaway

Typically, a giveaway will not run for just a single day. Usually, accounts will run a giveaway for a weekend, a long weekend, maybe a week – if it’s a really good one, an entire month. An often made mistake is that brands put up a giveaway post and rely on the initial promotion to get it across the finish line. Instead, we advise consistently sharing it to Instagram Stories and other social media platforms throughout the giveaway time period to encourage users to go back to the original post to enter. You don’t want people to forget about it, so give them reason not to!


Pick A Winner Fair and Square 

Your giveaway is now closed – how do you collect all that information from several different Instagram posts and thousands of comments to then fairly select a winner? 

We use a platform called Export Comments. You input the URLs for all of the Instagram giveaway posts and it exports each partner’s comments into one Excel document.  We then sort it by the date and time that the comments were entered, then pick a random number – we like for this. The corresponding row number is the giveaway winner! Take the extra step to ensure that they completed all the entries and then announce the winner via an Instagram story – don’t forget to tag them so they can share it to their stories as well!


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