How to Integrate Your Brand Into All Aspects of Your Company

How to Integrate Your Brand Into All Aspects of Your Company

Business leaders aren’t kidding when they hammer on about branding. It increases recognition and builds trust. The strength of your brand doesn’t just affect how consumers interact with your company, it’s also something that will inspire your employees. Whether large or small, if you look at the leaders in your field, they will have established themselves in that position by building a strong brand. An easy way to boost your brand is by integrating it into every aspect of your company.


When current or future consumers see your content, be it a social media post, a logo, or a marketing email, they should be able to link it back to the rest of your company—this is a key step in developing recognition. Having brand guidelines can simplify the consistency problem. Your guidelines can cover everything from the tone of voice your posts and press releases have, right down to the colors, imagery, logos, and fonts you use.

Large companies have been publicizing their corporate messages for a while now. This is a great way to make your smaller company easy to understand at a quick glance. It doesn’t have to be much—just think what’s important to you, what your core principles are and how you want your consumers to talk about you. The creator of Google’s “Don’t be evil” motto, said that it was “a bit of a jab at a lot of the other companies,” who he believed were exploiting their users. Keep in mind how your message will assist your brand.


Graphic designers understand consistency better than anyone else. It’s black and white to us. Creating consistency and stability between logo, website, and video design is what we’re all about. When you consider everything we’ve talked about—consistency, brand guidelines, and corporate messages—an often overlooked way of increasing brand integration is having good communication between your departments. If you’re a small set-up, and you’re outsourcing your design work, this may mean taking the time to let your designers know exactly what you’re all about—what your company’s tone of voice is, and what logos you’ve used in the past. The clichéd request: “We need something that pops,” while true, doesn’t get you your money’s worth.

The Future

Integrating your brand isn’t a quick fix, it’s a method that should always be in your toolbox. Further steps small businesses can take include things like customer touch points—how and where customers meet your brand and what that experience is like for them. Attitude branding is thinking about a consumer’s emotional connection to your business. When you think about truly iconic brands, they’re defined by a feeling that goes beyond their ubiquitous logos. Graphic design is the first step to unlocking your branding potential.

If your small business doesn’t have consistent branding then you may be starting out on the wrong foot, or running in the wrong direction all together. Consult with a design firm like Duo and discover how your website, social media graphics, logos and more, can be brought closer together to boost your brand and increase your market share.

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