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How to Verify Your Domain in Facebook Business Manager

With Apple’s upcoming updates to iOS14 and the ongoing issues with marketers and advertisers being banned for little to no reason, Facebook has suggested users take steps towards verifying their website domains.

Ultimately, this verification process is a good thing. It will allow you to control editing privileges of your links and other content. This step will also help to prevent misuse of your domain and keep bad and inaccurate information from spreading across the platform.

We know this may seem difficult or even overwhelming for those not familiar with the process, so our team made it easy with this YouTube step-by-step how-to video:


How to Verify Your Domain in Facebook Business Manager

Log into your Facebook Business Manager account.

Go to Business Settings.

Click on Brand Safety, then on Domains.

Under Domains, click Add.

Type in the domain you want to verify.

Add the DNS records under your domain:

Sign into your Domain Registar.

Click Manage DNS Records.

Add the TXT Record (provided in Facebook Business Manager) to your DNS configuration in the Answer field.

Add “@” in the Host field (if your domain requires it.)

Click Add Record. 

Allow for DNS configuration to update.

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