Building Your Most Important Email Campaign - The Welcome Sequence - BONUS Free Training!

Building Your Most Important Email Campaign – The Welcome Sequence – BONUS Free Training!

Did you know that over 50% of brands don’t automatically send a welcome email when people sign up for your email communications?

Let’s put that into a different perspective. If you had a store and 100 people came in through your doors every day, but you only said “Hi, welcome to my store” to 50 of them, do you think those that you didn’t say hello to would feel very welcomed in your store? Nah. A welcome email is the same thing, it’s merely saying “hello and welcome”.

Are Welcome Emails Really Important to my Business?

As I take a look at the Duo website analytics, we are averaging somewhere between 400-600 visitors per month. We don’t run ads or heavy website traffic efforts, so this number is fine for us at the time I write this article.

Let’s sit back and imagine that 5% of ~500 visitors reach out to us to talk more about their project needs. That’s right about 100 leads per month. That is great, but many of these people probably don’t know our brand or how we work. Or maybe they are coming in to us hoping we can build them something that we don’t. So the best way that I can introduce them to our brand and what we do is not to get on 100 phone calls per month. It’s to drive them to sign up for our email sign ups and give them a bunch of information via an email automation sequence.

To boil it down, they can get familiarized with my brand and fully understand the way we operate before getting on the phone. This should lead to more efficiencies in our sales team. Efficiency = good.


Ok, I Get it, But What is an Email ‘Sequence’? That Sounds Overwhelming…

Our pal’s over at Merriam Webster define the word sequence like this:

 a continuous or connected series

Don’t panic. It doesn’t have to be some Netflix Original Series that’s months long. We are not here to build something complex, we are here to build something impactful.

An email sequence is merely a group of emails over a set amount of time.

So you’re going to send out a grouping or series of emails over a period of time. That’s what an email ‘sequence’ is.


When Should You Trigger Your Welcome Emails to Start?

Our BFFs at Klaviyo break down the timeline of email sequences perfectly in their blog post here. I will give you the cliff’s notes version below.

  1. It doesn’t matter what the industry is, your first email should go out immediately after the user signs up for emails from your brand. End of story. Don’t overthink it.
  2. Your second email should be sent 1 day after a subscriber signs up. This isn’t too soon after the first email that you will be pestering new subscribers, but it’s soon enough that your company will still be fresh in their minds.
  3. Your third email should be sent 2 days after a subscriber signs up. Sending one welcome series email for three consecutive days is especially useful if you send a daily newsletter, since you’ll acclimate new subscribers to your mailing frequency. The content of these emails should be sequential, too, and flow logically.

Again, be sensitive to how many emails a customer may be receiving and don’t continue to send welcome series emails to customers who have already made a purchase.


Three Emails Can Make a Massive Difference.

Having a 3 email sequence allows you to introduce yourself to the user, offer them some sort of offer, introduce them to your team and work on building their trust. These sorts of campaigns can make a big impact on your revenue. According to a survey by GetResponse in 2017, welcome emails averages an 82% open rate. Those are people tuned-in to your brand and they are ready to listen. Many of them will be ready to purchase or setup appointments so don’t be afraid to “ask for the sale” in those first emails. As you learned in our last blog post, email marketing in 2020 is still alive and well!


Interested in Learning How to Setup a Welcome Sequence in MailChimp?

I am providing a free training on how to setup and launch a welcome sequence! All you have to do is click this link and toss in your email address!