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Build Amazing Remote Teams With These 3 Tools!

According to a study by FlexJobs, 3.9 million Americans reported working from home sometimes or working remotely full-time in 2018. In a similar study, Owl Labs found that small companies are twice as likely to hire remote employees. If these stats prove anything, it’s that remote work is popular and isn’t going away anytime soon.

The biggest issue that many businesses have with it is how they are supposed to manage remote employees effectively.

“If I can’t watch them work, how do I know they are working?”

One question to ask yourself if you have a similar issue with remote workers:

  • Have you ever taken time away from your business in any way?

Whether you’ve left because of sickness, a vacation, mental break or maybe some professional development you have probably left your business in the hands of somebody else. You were disconnected from them at this time, you trusted them. 

Hiring a remote staff all boils down to two things:

  1. Having tools & systems that allow your business to run remotely
  2. Trusting your team

In this article I’m going to break down the top 3 tools that we use to build a strong remote team and why these tools are critical to our success.


1- Google’s G-Suite

This is the most valuable tool that we subscribe to as a business. In fact, it has completely revolutionized our business in a multitude of ways. I wrote about this at the end of last year.

There has been a few times when our work computers have needed to be sent in for repair, leaving us without our trusty machine for weeks. How are we supposed to continue building a business if my computer is down? Insert G-Suite.

With a cloud-based set of tools that take up virtually no space on local machines, G-Suite is the top tool on this list for a reason. We were able to get an old machine up to speed in a matter of minutes thanks to this invaluable tool. Imagine being able to effectively work on any part of your business no matter where you were. Hashtag Wink Wink


2- Loom

Loom is a really great screen recording software that is super easy to use. You can easily record from your camera, screen and audio all at the same time. This gives your videos a personal touch by including a video of you!

This tool has helped increase our efficiency as an agency in a way that I cannot even begin to measure. All of our client onboarding has Loom videos attached to it. Our clients meet our team, understand our processes and get trained on how to use tools without us meeting with them “face to face”.

At Duo we ask our entire team to record Loom videos every week. Why? We believe in having our entire team contribute to content creation as an agency. We also know that certain people work with certain tools every day. These team members have gained our trust and have positioned themselves as experts in what they do. We trust them.

What types of videos can be recorded via Loom?

Do you often times have to enter new customer information into a database? What about editing your own website? How about creating a process for a specific, repeatable, action in your business? If that’s created on Loom you will have no problem trusting new team members, even remote team members.


3- Zoom

Zoom is a video conferencing app that has really taken over as a primary means of communication for remote, and non-remote teams. Simple to use and extremely powerful, this tool has cemented itself into our suite of tools here at Duo.

Face to face meetings are often times the hardest gap to close when running remote teams. Bridge that gap with Zoom. We have team members in London, team members that travel all the time and clients scattered all around the United States. How do we manage that? Zoom.

We can connect our team members in London with clients in Los Angeles easily, allowing us to deliver incredible work no matter where people are located. All that’s needed is a steady internet connection.


In Conclusion

Developing a remote team is no easy task and it takes a great deal of trust to make it work. If you have documented processes that show your new team members (Hello, Loom) how to do certain things, this should get much easier for you to trust them. 

Most of the young workforce would take lower pay if they had the option to work from wherever they wanted. According to a study by IWG, 69% of millennials will trade other work benefits for flexible workspace options.

So ask yourself, is not offering the ability for employees to work remotely helping or hurting your business? Are you not offering remote work because you are just a skeptical person? Put the tools and systems in place and give it a try, I think you’d be pleasantly surprised.