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5 Things Every Online Store Needs

There are so many things you can say about each and every online store. Each is unique, offering different products and services, and each with different designs, vibes and motifs. That said, there are plenty of similarities including all of them working towards the same end result – having customers complete transactions. 

In order to get to the finish line, here are our team’s five things every online store needs, as recently shared on our Sip. Create. Repeat. podcast:

Tracking Codes

We cannot emphasize this enough: do not launch your online store without tracking codes in place. Installing Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel makes for a great start as they will each give you a good picture of your demographics: who they are, where do they come from and their shopping habits. That information will allow you to make better marketing and advertising decisions moving forward.

Quality Photography

When we say good photography, we mean two things. First, all photo files need to be sized consistently across your site so that you’re not getting a bunch of variations in image height and width. 

Also, each site should have three different types of shots to use: 

  • First, you need a clean product shot of the item. Think about when you’re on Amazon: most times you first see a product on a white background to get the full glance at what it is. 
  • Secondly, a tight, detail shot is wonderful to have for each product. An upclose picture provides more insight into what makes that product unique. Maybe that’s of the texture of a shirt or an ingredient in the entrée. 
  • Third, a photo to provide some context. Some examples: someone wearing the shirt or someone holding or eating the entrée. These types of shots allow customers to have a better idea of size, shape and how to use it.


Multiple Payment Options

You do not want to lose out on sales because you have restricted your customers on the payment options that they can use. Having as many available as possible on your site allows your customers to choose which payment platform they are most comfortable with. Shopify, our favorite e-commerce platform, makes it easy to take any major credit card, as well as other payment methods like Apple Pay and PayPal. 


Email Marketing Integration

Capturing email addresses from your audience as they interact with your online store is definitely key to any online store. This gives you the ability to do things like:

  • Incorporate a welcome sequence: when they sign up, an email is sent to say, “Hey, thanks for checking out my brand.”
  • Set up an abandoned cart sequence where you can try recoup sales from people that leave your site.
  • Tap into your audience when you want to run a campaign including launching a new product.


A Live Chat Feature

We live in an age where people expect quick responses. It may sound overwhelming to implement and execute a live chat feature, but if your customer is asking a simple question that is either going to have them purchase your product or not purchase your product, wouldn’t you rather be able to answer that quickly for them?

You can easily accomplish this via a virtual assistant. You can use websites like Upwork to find a virtual assistant, have them learn about your brand, then train them to answer these types of frequently asked questions. 

Live chat features are not always online shoppers’ first or favorite method of reaching out, so remember that there are plenty of “live chat” options that exist. You can even integrate it so it communicates directly with your Facebook page, which practically everyone is used to using! So take advantage of those live chats and don’t forget to try to upsell people in them as well!


We hope you found these five tips useful and encourage you to put them in action for your online store. Let us know which work best for you and your site!

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