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5 Simple Ways to Tune Up your Website

Your website should be an organic medium that continues to grow over time. Part of that growth is ensuring that you have the proper tools and resources feeding your website when you’re not. Think about it, if you have flowers and you don’t water them, do they grow? In this post we dive into five things you should do to give your website a tune up here at the halfway point of 2019.

So whether you manage your own website, you manage other websites, or you hire out an agency to manage your website, use this article as a resource. Let’s dive in.


1) Basic Integrations

These are the things your website should have from day one, but unfortunately many do not.

  • Google Analytics – It’s free and easy to implement. Helps understand what people do on your website and when they do it.
  • Email Marketing – Most of the tools like MailChimp or Constant Contact have free versions that are very powerful.
  • Google My Business – Another free tool that your business should be taking advantage of, especially if you have a physical location.
  • XML Sitemaps – Can Google, Bing and Yahoo properly find the list of pages for your website? How are you supposed to rank if they can’t?
  • Google Search Console – This tool is invaluable. Get Google’s attention a little bit more consistently by submitting those XML Sitemaps to them.

Website Design

2) Site Design

This may seem silly, but it absolutely matters. People like to look at nice things and your website is no different.

  • Responsive Design – Responsive web design is no longer a “feature” that should be added to a website, it’s a necessity and Google will even penalize you if your website isn’t mobile friendly.
  • Easy-to-Read Copy – Another must-have. The designer in me cringes saying this, but use arial if you have to. Just give your website fonts good contrast and make sure you don’t ramble.
  • Alt Text – Every single image on your website also acts as an SEO driver (aka can help drive traffic). Don’t skip this step when auditing your website!


3) Social Media Presence

It’s 2019 and Facebook averages 2.38 billion monthly active users. Setup social media channels for your business.

  • Social Media Buttons – This can be an icon or a link, but you must have them someplace on your website.
  • Social Media Feeds – Even better! Get your social media content in front of your site visitors.

4) Site Speed

5G internet is coming around the corner so many people think they may be able to sneak in super giant page sizes. As of today this isn’t the case, and it’s still just bad practice.

  • Put the Photos on a Diet – There’s no need to upload super gigantic, full-size iPhone Xs photos to your website. They are awesome, but far too-large and annoying to load.
  • Upgrade Your Host – If you’ve worked through all of the things we’ve been outlining in this article and your website is still very slow, there’s a good chance you need to think about changing hosting environments. Cheap hosts are easy on the wallet but quality hosts are easy on the website traffic and security.

Optimized Website Content

5) Optimize Your Website Content

This one is especially fun if you’re using a CMS like WordPress.

  • Install a free plugin such as YOAST SEO – This plugin is an incredible resource to have because it scans the content of your pages and tells you if it’s readable and if it’s SEO-friendly!
  • Optimize Page Titles – Do your page titles make sense? Are they SEO-friendly? Think about what your users are typing into Google and think about writing some of your headlines based on that.
  • Thin Content – A big no-no. We want to add in words to your page because we want to drop in all of those beautiful keywords. This gives Google more ammo to work with.
  • 404 Errors – Check for them. If you have 404’s you are leading your users directly to a dead-end.
  • Blog – So many people are scared of blogs but it’s nothing more than articulating your authority in your given field. If you don’t write “well” find a freelance writer that can help you turn your thoughts into a blog post!

The Challenge

I want to challenge anybody reading this article to share it with their team, with their agency or with their web “guy” that works on their website. Put a time limit on when you want the work done by, pay for the work that they do and continue working on your website so that it can grow and rank better.