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3 Hacks To Better Social Media – Instagram Edition

The Duo team recently shared our top three tips on hacking Facebook on the Duo Sip, Create, Repeat podcast and blog. Next up, we’re ready to offer our three best hacks to better social media via Instagram… 

HACK 1: A Good Profile Photo & Bio

These are your first impressions to Instagram users so make sure they are as good as they can ge t. Your Instagram bio should explain who you are, what it is you do, and perhaps even ways to get a hold of you. 


HACK 2:  Branded Hashtags

Many tend to just use their actual brand name as their main hashtag. Instead, we suggest creating a hashtag that refers to the brand in some capacity. For instance, the pickle company we work with uses the branded hashtag #alwaysbepickling. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your hashtag — and especially so that other people/companies aren’t using it.


HACK 3: Visual Consistency

Instagram is a visual platform, so you want to have a look and feel to your feed. Now, when we say visual consistency, that doesn’t mean things have to always be the same. For example, Starbucks is a great example of an Instagram feed where there is consistency through variation. No photo is exactly the same, but you can tell their style. When you look at one of Starbuck’s Instagram photos, you say, “Hey, that looks like a photo that came from Starbucks feed.” Taking time to do the little things like that is a huge benefit to your Instagram feed.


BONUS HACK: Use Instagram Stories

We find that many small businesses don’t use Stories quite enough to help tell their story and reach their customers.  Instagram users will rely more on looking at your Stories to get to your content and to get to your actual feed. So rely on those Instagram Stories and start pumping those as full as possible!


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