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2 More Email Flows That Can Recover Lost Revenue

When it comes to emails, you now know what campaigns and flows are, so let’s take the next step with your email marketing so you can convert customers that recently visited your site. There are two good ways to do that through email marketing: via browse abandonment and abandoned cart flows – as we discussed on this week’s episode of the Sip, Create, Repeat podcast.


What is a browse abandonment flow? 

Browse abandonment is the act of visitors looking around your website, clicking into product pages and other areas of your site, but then leaving without adding anything to their cart and never purchasing anything. 

Think about it this way: If you walk into a store and are looking around – there’s always that one customer service representative that comes up to ask you if they can help you. 

In a way, that’s what your browse abandonment email is – it’s you reaching out to ask if you can help them with any purchases on your online store. 

When someone leaves your ecommerce site empty handed, you fire off an email that says, “Hey, you were looking at this – what can we do?” Other options are to send them a coupon code, a couple of reviews about how great that product is and a reminder how much they need it. 

Keep in mind: 

  • 97% of first time e-commerce visitors to a store don’t buy anything.
  • 85% of those never actually add a product even to the cart. 

So that’s the thing about browse abandonment: they re-engage the customer. In fact, 42% of that generated revenue from those abandoned carts is actually from browse abandonment emails. 


What is an abandoned cart flow?

Abandoned cart is the act of adding products to your cart but not completing the purchase. It’s like modern day window shopping: instead of strolling down Main Street, looking through store windows, you are going on websites and to do that exact same thing.

About 70% of online carts go abandoned, and so abandoned cart flow is really important to your business as it can help recoup potential lost sales. They can make up about 10% of your monthly revenue if you have a good abandoned cart flow running. 

45% of abandoned cart emails are opened, so clearly customers are still interested in what you’re offering – they might have gotten distracted or may be looking for a better deal. For that reason, giving time frames are a good technique when it comes to abandoned cart flows. Remind them that their items are waiting, but that you’ll only hold them in their cart for the next 72 hours, for example. 


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