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2 Email Flows That Can Recover Lost Revenue

When it comes to email marketing, one of the questions the team at Duo hears most often is “what is the difference between a campaign and a flow?” On the latest episode of the Sip, Create, Repeat podcast, we answered it. 

What is a campaign?

A campaign is a one-off email that you send. You may send it to a segment of your email list or to your entire audience.

For example: you purchased an item from your store, then you receive an email announcing their Black Friday deals. That email is a campaign.


What is a flow? 

Sometimes referred to as flow sequences, flows are a series of emails set up to automatically send based on certain triggers or filters that you set up.

For example, you opened that email announcing the Black Friday deals. You click around, place an item in your cart, but do not complete your purchase. A couple hours later, you then receive an email reminding you that you didn’t finish your transaction. That second email is a part of a flow.


The top three most important flows you can set up are:

  1. a welcome series, which is triggered when someone signs up for your email list. In this series, you introduce them to your brand, product and services, and more about your company.
  2. an abandoned cart series, which is triggered when someone adds something to their cart on your e-commerce store, but doesn’t complete the purchase.
  3. and a post-purchase series. Once someone purchases from your site, this is the series that allows you to follow up with them. How do you engage them? How do you thank them for that purchase?

It is important to include some sort of call to action (CTA) in these emails – perhaps a product launch, a coupon code, a sale or other promotion. Remember: the CTA should inspire people to engage with you and your brand based on where they are in the purchase process.


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