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With over 25 years of combined experience building custom WordPress websites, award-winning brands, and managing engaging social media accounts, we have gained a little bit of knowledge and want to share it with you.

Why Being Authentic & Relatable Matters

Authenticity is a word that is often thrown around in marketing, and for good reason. Finding your b

Your Only 24/7 Salesperson Needs Help

No matter the size of your business, it has at least one 24/7 sales person – your website. And

5 Things to Do To Your Site BEFORE Running Facebook Ads

If running Facebook ads has ever crossed your mind, we completely understand why.  But what most pe

The Trick to Landing Big Clients with Big Budgets

Starting off, any business owner would be happy to bring on any client, no matter the size. But afte

Managing $250k Per Month in Digital Ad Spend

How does a business scale up their ad spend – from spending absolutely nothing to nearly a qua

Your Offer Is Killing Your Business

You are trying to increase sales. You think about running promotion. You market a big sale. Your cus

How Hiring Can Save Money & Grow Your Business

Listen, we get it. Hiring a new staff member for your team can sometimes mean MORE work, MORE time s

How to use data to maximize social engagement

Using Data to Maximize Social Engagement

Anyone with a social media account is always chasing one thing: engagement. And when we talk engagem

List Building 101 – How to Build an Email List

Having an online store that has a large email list is an automatic advantage over your competition.

They Tweeted What?! Our Team Reacts to Burger King’s International Women’s Day Campaign

It was the tweet heard around the world on International Women’s Day 2021. In case you missed it,

How to Verify Your Domain in Facebook Business Manager

With Apple’s upcoming updates to iOS14 and the ongoing issues with marketers and advertisers being

Why We Take A Winter Break

We are at the finish line for 2020. It is safe to say that all of us are looking forward to a new ca


A New Year’s Resolution for Your Business

With about two weeks left in the year, we’re looking and planning ahead – and you should be

Facebook v. Apple: Why Small Businesses Should Care About This

If you’ve logged into Ads Manager, browsed any digital marketing sites or read The Wall Street Jou


Duo’s 2020 End-of-the-Year Review & Forecast for 2021

What a whirlwind of a year! 2020 has been one that has certainly changed business. It’s change

The Beginner’s Guide to Creating Video Content 

In 2019, it was forecasted that 80% of content consumed online in 2020 would be video. Fast forward

Duo’s 2020 Cleveland Small Biz Shopping Guide

  It’s gift buying season! Like so many people, we want to help support small businesses –

2 More Email Flows That Can Recover Lost Revenue

When it comes to emails, you now know what campaigns and flows are, so let’s take the next step wi

2 Email Flows That Can Recover Lost Revenue

When it comes to email marketing, one of the questions the team at Duo hears most often is “what i

A PSA on Posting Frequency for Social Media

Consider this an agency PSA for all the brands out there:  More content does not equal more sales.

Getting Started with Influencer Marketing

Our senior marketing specialist, Alicia Hansen, is also an influencer.  She took some time to answe

Three Ways to Build Social Proof

It seems as though everyone is talking about building brand trust and, for our team at Duo, building

Six Tips for a Successful Instagram Giveaway

Interested in sharing your products and services with more people — all while growing a follow

Why Small Business Owners Need TikTok to Stay

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (and, if so, more power to you – especially this

3 Hacks To Better Social Media – Instagram Edition

The Duo team recently shared our top three tips on hacking Facebook on the Duo Sip, Create, Repeat p

Three Ways to Increase Your Online Store’s Conversion Rate

  If you run an e-commerce site, you’re always looking for ways to get website visitors t

3 Hacks to Better Social Media – Facebook Edition

As a marketing agency, we see many small businesses, entrepreneurs and startups try to create and ge

5 Things Every Online Store Needs

There are so many things you can say about each and every online store. Each is unique, offering dif

Scaling Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads – Scaling from $6K/month to $60K/month

One of the most difficult tasks for any e-commerce brand to take on is scaling their ad spend and th

Social Media Marketing Audit

Your Halfway-Through-the-Year Social Media Audit

Congratulations! You made it through half of 2020, one of the wildest, wackiest, unpredictable and u

The Work From Anywhere Chronicles – Traveling & Running An Agency Post 5

**wipes brow** Wowzas, it’s been a heck of a 24 hour period or so. We left our wonderfully-app

Tools for remote work

Remote Work, The 2020 Guide to Must-Have Tools

As we are currently going through 2020 we all know that life has been a doozy so far. One major shif

The Work From Anywhere Chronicles – Traveling & Running An Agency Post 4

I took the day off writing on Sunday and took over driving responsibilities for the majority of the

The Work From Anywhere Chronicles – Traveling & Running An Agency Post 3

The travel in the previous post was from St. Louis, MO to Oklahoma City, OK. I didn’t realize

The Work From Anywhere Chronicles – Traveling & Running An Agency Post 2

Life on the road is always full of surprises, especially when traveling with 3 small kids. Yesterday

The Work From Anywhere Chronicles – Traveling & Running An Agency Post 1

Back in 2012 when Pat Routa and myself created Duo, we did so with a belief that you didn’t ne

Tips for a High-Productivity Work From Home Life.

Working from home is an incredible way to enjoy the ultimate work/life balance, but if you’ve

Building Your Most Important Email Campaign – The Welcome Sequence – BONUS Free Training!

Did you know that over 50% of brands don’t automatically send a welcome email when people sign

What the Heck is a Facebook Pixel?

If you have your own website, or maybe a Facebook page AND a website, you’ve probably heard or

Email Marketing in 2020

Email Marketing in 2020 — Is it Dead?

Even though email was invented in the 1970s, it didn’t really take off from a personal-use perspec

Branding – Understanding a Common Marketing Term So You Can Find Wendy’s-like Success in Your Own Branding

What exactly is a brand? Why is good branding important? And what does good branding even look like?

Build Amazing Remote Teams With These 3 Tools!

According to a study by FlexJobs, 3.9 million Americans reported working from home sometimes or work

7 Things I’ve Learned in 7 Years

8/24/2012. Wow. I can’t believe that this little marketing agency just turned seven years old. It

The Reality of Partnering with a Marketing Firm: Marketing Advice from Rappers

There are generally two phases in which a company decides that they need the help of an outside mark

Branding Featured

Branding: Expectations vs. Reality

We’ve heard some crazy expectations when it comes to branding and what it entails. What we’re he

5 Simple Ways to Tune Up your Website

Your website should be an organic medium that continues to grow over time. Part of that growth is en

2019 Shadow Student Video Recap

At the end of our two weeks with Ellie, we wanted her to experience one last thing… what it&#8

How to open an online store in 4 simple steps

Selling online is no small task, even with all of the flexibility of creating dropship stores, third

My Duo Experience

A LITTLE BIT ABOUT ME Hello! My name is Ellie Milius, and I am a graduating senior at Rocky River Hi

Top Three Things to Focus on as a Small Business

The statistics behind starting up a new small business are astounding. According to data from the U.

Silver Spoon Awards – A Recap

Every year Cleveland Magazine picks the 25 best restaurants in Cleveland to feature in their May edi

5 Ways to Spice Up Lorem Ipsum

If you are like me you have been working with filler text so long that it gets hard to distinguish a

15 Design Conferences We’re Excited About in 2019

Here at duo, we place high value on the importance of lifelong learning. One of the best ways to do

PHP 7.2 – What You Need To Know

Many of our clients have received messages from us talking about how they need to update their  PHP

The One Tool that Helped Our Business the Most in 2018

Holy cow, 2018 is coming to an end. Don’t let that scare you though, 2019 is about to kick ass

Meet Steve

Hi everybody! We want to introduce you to our new Technical Project Manager, Steve Riggle. Steve is

GDUSA Graphic Design Awards – 3X Winners for Recent Work

Every year Graphic Design USA runs it’s annual graphic design awards competition. The purpose

Meet Margot

Hi everybody! We want to introduce you to our new Marketing Specialist / Account Executive, Margot K

4th Quarter is Coming – Let’s Audit Those Social Media Accounts!

The 4th quarter is right around the corner, which means holidays are coming! People are going to be

GDUSA American Web Design Awards – 2X Winners for Recent Work!

Every year Graphic Design USA runs it’s annual American Web Design Awards competition, its pur

Branding – Trust the Process

Branding is not something that businesses do often, or at least they shouldn’t. Often times bu

4 Tips for Building Customer Loyalty in Small Businesses

A consumer chooses a small business because they believe in the idea of small businesses. Sometimes

What are the Best Ways to Advertise My Small Business?

Advertising a small business. There are endless combinations of different ways to promote your busin

Top 5 Easy To Implement SEO Tips For Beginners

1. Creating relevant content! The more content you create, the more chances you have to rank on Goog

Bold Colors Are Coming In 2018

We have already seen this trend creep in over the course of 2017 but bold, high saturated color pale

Business Cards – Your First Impression

You are meeting a potential big client, the one that can change the trajectory of your business for

6 Mistakes Small Businesses Make

Running a small business is hard work. Long hours, juggling all of the various job titles that you d

Branded Content & Why We’re On Board

Our business is primarily a web design & graphic design business. We have made some great websit

Introducing, Plans. Low-Cost Monthly Websites

As a web design company in the Midwest one of our largest competitors are the ‘free’ web

Simple Marketing Tactics for Small Businesses

We work with businesses that come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but when you peer behind the cur

Logo Clean-ups

You’ve been running your business for years now, and people know your logo. Good or bad, they

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Design Company

Hiring a professional design company may seem like a daunting task but it often times can lead to in

Adobe Xd – One Year of Real-World Use

Adobe Xd is Adobe’s take on UI/UX wireframing and planning, we’ve used it for the better

You May Not Need a CMS Like WordPress

We are a design company with a primary focus on designing websites, that’s probably the larges

Help A Non-profit get a Free Website

This year we at Duo have decided to take a different approach to holiday ‘gifts’. For th

Our Tools of the Trade

There are tons of apps and services out that can help make your life easier. Below is a list of some

Introducing, Project Planner

Here at Duo we are always trying to think of new and unique ways to make our business better and mor

Plan for the holiday season with a content calendar!

We hate to be the bearer of bad (or good) news, but the 2016 holiday season is knocking on our door,

How to Integrate Your Brand Into All Aspects of Your Company

Business leaders aren’t kidding when they hammer on about branding. It increases recognition and b

How Design Plays a Part in Your Marketing Efforts

Design plays a major role in the success or failure of your marketing efforts—and I’m not talkin

It’s Important for Small Businesses to Have Great Websites From Day 1

Everyone knows you should have a website. Your online presence brings in consumers and gives you inf

Mercy Health Logo

When do you need a Website Redesign?

Your website is where consumers go to get information on you and your products, it’s your face to

5 Free Stock Photo Sites To Use For Your Next Project

In todays design world stock photography has become a huge asset in the designers tool belt. These s

Common Website Terms Explained

Like any industry, website professionals have their own language they tend to speak in. We at Duo tr

The Importance of Social Media

Small to medium sized businesses live and die by their marketing, and social media is the ace in the

How I Became a Web Designer

As a child I always had great creative outlets, my Mom could doodle, sketch, and paint with ease. My

You Need A New Website Design, Now What?

Before you pick up that phone to call a website design company, get yourself prepared. The way peopl

Coffee Happens, And Then The Things Happen.

Creativity doesn’t start for us until that first hot cup of deliciousness hits our lips As I s

Tips For Small Business Holiday Marketing

Reach your customers and show them that small businesses are great! It’s the most wonderful time